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Special Education Inner Circle

Mar 18, 2021

First, the school didn't believe that her son needed an IEP. Next, she had to negotiate an IEP for her daughter. Through all the assessments for her children, Jessica found out something about herself too!

The COZI app is how Jessica stays organized and communicates with her husband about her busy family schedule....

Mar 13, 2021

Surprising the "other side" at the IEP table is a guaranteed way to break trust and get off track during the IEP meeting. You must use an agenda, submit parent input, and explore all placement options BEFORE the IEP meeting. Get more IEP help at

Mar 3, 2021

Parents, stop looking at your neighbor's child's IEP and wanting everything they have. Teachers, stop giving cookie-cutter supports. Together we can collaborate for more! Ready to become a Master IEP Coach?

We can't wait for you to learn from Amanda!

Amanda lives in Ohio...