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Special Education Inner Circle

Apr 24, 2021

How do you get a child to become more involved in reaching their speech goals? Erik gives you dozens of ideas on how to use modern games that kids love to reach higher levels of communication!

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Apr 14, 2021

Ever been caught in the trap of IEP meeting after IEP meeting and feeling like you're never getting anywhere?

Parents and Teachers, Use these 3 steps to stop the endless cycle of unnecessary IEP meetings.

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Apr 8, 2021

We know that IEPs can't provide everything a child needs for the future... sometimes we have to build our own resources in the community!

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Amanda Owen is the executive director of Puzzle Pieces, a nonprofit organization based out...

Apr 1, 2021

Have you ever thought of starting your own Special Education school?
Kelly Weaver entered the world of autism when her daughter was diagnosed at the age of 2. She successfully ran an ABA program out of her home, and after making several attempts at public school made the decision to start a school specializing...